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Wooden Catholic Wall Rosary

Wooden Catholic Wall Rosary

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Designed with Catholics in mind, the wood slice rosary wall hangings will add a subtle touch of Catholic decor to your home.

If you look closely, this wall hanging imitates a rosary decade. The 10 smaller wood slices represent the 10 Hail Marys and the larger wood slice represents the Our Father.

This decade can be hung ANYWHERE to hint at the Catholic faith and for a great Catholic conversation starter!


  • Made from sticks found in our neighborhood
  • Each Hail Mary wood slice is about 1" in diameter
  • GUADALUPE: 21" long
  • IMMACULATE HEART: 18" long
  • PERPETUAL HELP: 20" long
  • Catholic decade design
  • Color schemes are inspired by our Blessed Mother
  • Features: 10 Hail Marys, 3 felt flowers, 1 Our Father

*This listing is for one rosary decade in the color scheme of your choice. All other props are NOT included

Copyright Saint Clare and Francis, 2021. You may not reproduce or resell this item without consent from the owner.

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