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"Inspiring Little Hearts" Catholic Kids Bundle

"Inspiring Little Hearts" Catholic Kids Bundle

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Send Catholic kids back to school with the "Inspiring Little Hearts" Catholic Kids Bundle! This special bundle, filled with Catholic stickers, keychains, and magnets, is sure to motivate and uplift young spirits.

Perfect for parents with young children wanting to decorate their school essentials - stickers for their water bottle, keychain for their backpack, magnet for hanging papers up at home!


  • 3 mystery stickers (all waterproof and dishwasher safe)
  • 1 mystery keychain
  • 1 mystery magnet
  • Personalize from our three options: girl, boy, or unisex!

$27 of goodies for only $15!

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    Catholic stickers for water bottle

    Waterproof + Dishwasher safe

    Did you know? All our Catholic stickers are waterproof, dishwasher safe, sun proof, fade resistant, and scratch proof! Our stickers make great gifts for Confirmation, youth groups, or teachers!

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    • Over 10,000 stickers sold

      Our waterproof + dishwasher safe are loved by Catholics everywhere!

    • Designed with purpose

      Intentionally created to bring you closer to Christ.

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