Young Adult Lent Bundle

Struggling to find practical sacrifices for Lent or keep up with your Lenten habits? Yep, me too.

Whenever I would look for Lent ideas, they were always the same or unrealistic for teens. Like who wants to walk around with a rock in your shoe when instead you can fast from secular music and only listen to Christian music? (I can testify that listening to only Christian music has greatly improved my mood and made me more joyful and less lonely.)

I created this bundle for teens and college students who, on Easter, look back and think "wait, did I actually do something for Lent or was it just the things my family did?" Don't worry, most of my Lents have been like this too :)

Download the free Young Adult Lent Bundle for realistic Lent goals and a method to stay on track. Let these 40 days bring you closer to Christ.