The captivating story behind the sticker design

The captivating story behind the sticker design

My new favorite is anything with wildflowers. I love how beautiful and loose they are. While other flowers have more structured forms, wildflowers come in more of a variety and can be found anywhere.

The original design for this sticker only featured the wildflower background, but I knew it needed something more. One bible verse stuck out to me, but it needed some simplifying so young girls can clearly understand their dignity. The Holy Spirit inspired the simplified meaning featured in the Catholic sticker design: more precious than wildflowers.

Girl, you are more precious than wildflowers.

Wildflowers are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, but remember you are more beautiful and precious in the eyes of the Father. Attach this sticker to any water bottle, laptop, phone case, prayer journal or car window to be reminded of your belovedness.



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