8 MUST HAVES for any Catholic College student

8 MUST HAVES for any Catholic College student

College life is a whirlwind of independence, growth, and stressful classes. For Catholic college students, it's crucial to stay connected to our faith amidst the excitement and temptations of the typical college life. Here's some Catholic items that will support and strengthen your faith while navigating college.


Catholic journaling bible

1. Blessed is She Journaling Bible (pictured)

This is an essential for daily prayer or adoration. I use my journaling bible every day and the extra margin space is a game changer!


2. Blessed is She academic planner

I will definitely use this to keep track of assignments. Bonus: it has daily feast days, a gratitude section, and inspiring Catholic quotes throughout the planner! 




Catholic stickers for college students

3. Saint Clare and Francis 10 pack stickers

A personal favorite are Catholic stickers! Attach these simple, yet inspiring designs to your car, mirror, window, water bottle, or prayer journal for continual encouragement. Choose from over 40 designs to customize your own 10 pack to evangelize with friends! 


4. Saint Clare and Francis Choose Life t-shirt

No matter which university you will be representing, we always need to support the unborn and pro-life movement. This shirt is a must to encourage conversations about the sanctity of life.




Catholic rosary for college students

5. West Coast Catholic rosary (pictured)

The beauty of this rosary is absolutely stunning! A rosary is a Catholic must have, but it's even more important to run to Mary during the temptations of college life. 


6. Blessed is She crucifix

Living in a dorm room or apartment makes it difficult to display Catholic art. This wood crucifix will invite Jesus into your home for the year and busy class schedule. 




Catholic saint polaroid

7. January Jane Shop mini saint polaroids

These mini Catholic Saint polaroids are so adorable and remind us we can be Saints, too! They make the perfect dorm wall accessory when it's difficult to attach items to the wall. Choose your favorite pack and share the polaroids with friends!

Save 10% with code 'LXZ-TXD0ML4' 



Trust in Him wood keychain

8. Saint Clare and Francis Trust in Him wood keychain

This Trust in Him Catholic keychain will attach on any bag, backpack, or lanyard. It's the perfect reminder to see Jesus through the stress of college classes and remember His plan for you!




What else would you add to this list of Catholic essentials for college? Comment below or shop all our essentials for college HERE!

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